Nat Miller

Educator. Director. Actor.

Directing December 5, 2007

“Many thousands of years have passed since that first moment of inspiration when the theatre sprang into being.  But we still like to get together, we still dread to be alone, we are still a little awed by silence, we still like to make believe.  It is really a kind of magic, this art.  We call it glamour or poetry or romance but that doesn’t explain it.  In some mysterious way these old, simple, ancestral moods still survive in us, and an actor can make them live again for a while.  We become children once more.  We believe.”                    

 -Robert Edmond Jones, The Dramatic Imagination

 These are production photos from plays I have directed in the past five years.  Click on the photo to enlarge it. 

Lily Plants a Garden/M.F.A. Thesis Production Fall 2007

lily-014.jpg  young-girl-1.jpg   lily-004.jpg

lily-006.jpg   lily-003.jpg   lily-018.jpg lily-017.jpg  lily-016.jpg    lily-015.jpg

 The Wrestling Season/Spring 2005

 wrest1.jpe  wrest3.jpg  wrest4.jpe wrest5.jpg wrest2.jpg

Yellow Boat/Fall 2004

yellow7.jpg  yellowboat1.jpg  yellow2.jpg yellow3.jpg  yellow5.jpg  yellow6.jpg

 Once Upon a Mattress/ Spring 2004

1.jpg  3.jpg  2.jpg

6.jpg  5.jpg  4.jpg